Have a design you absolutely love?

Whether you’re an Etsy pro, or create designs for clients regularly, or want to try your hand with custom t-shirt designs, Stamped Apparel is here for you. We work with graphic artists local and nationwide to bring a final product to the end user that everyone can be excited about.

T-Shirt Design: Concept to Reality

In the printing world we have best practices to ensure that each design looks great for not only the color garmet chosen to be printed on, but to look great at the intended size to be printed. Give us a call, send a Facebook message, or shoot us an email for what we look for in a great t-shirt design.

How our process works

Step 1:

Create your design and save in an appropriate format. (JPG, PNG, TIFF, AI, EPS, or PDF) if you’re designing for full coverage on the front or back, we recommend designing at 300ppi with 16″ wide x 20″ tall dimensions. With this format, we can always scale down while maintaining the integrity of the original design, where you can’t scaling up.

Step 2:

Once your design has been created, you have a couple of options. If you know exactly what you want, you can call us to place an order, followed by emailing your files to stampedapparelsales@gmail.com. If you have ordered shirts with us before or prefer to skip straight to the order, feel free to use the online store to select your shirt type, color and sizes and simply upload your design.

Step 3:

Once your shirt design has been received, we will send a digital proof for your approval and once approval is given, printing will begin. Depending on the number of shirts ordered and the current work load in the store, expect your shirts to be ready within a typical 48 hour turnaround. Once your shirts are complete, they will be available for in-store pick up or we can ship to your desired location.